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  • Deposits via BRIVA take up to 30 minutes until Rupiah balance increases.
  • Deposits transaction between 23:59 PM – 04:00 AM will increase balance after 04:30 AM
  • Max deposit limitation: Rp 10,000,000 / Transaction

How to Deposit

  1. From M-BCA Step 1
  2. From M-BCA Step 2
  3. From M-BCA Step 3



  • The money will automatically be added to your balance after it’s successfully transferred to your Virtual Account.
  • If the bank has stated that your transfer was successful, but the money hasn’t been added to your Rupiah balance (in accordance with the terms of each transfer method: 2-3 working hours for SKN, and 1 working day for RTGS), please contact our Customer Support and attach the proof of transfe