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Send rupiah as an IDRT

Send Rupiah as Rupiah Token (IDRT) to all over the world on various blockchain networks.

Follow these three simple steps to send IDRT from Pintu to another wallet:

Step 1 – Click the Send Rupiah Button

Click the send Rupiah button on the Rupiah card on the home page or on the Rupiah wallet in the wallet menu.


Step 2 – Select the Blockchain Platform

Select the same blockchain network used by the receiver:

  • Select Ethereum Blockchain to receive IDRT (ERC-20).
  • Select Binance Chain to receive IDRTB (BEP-2).
  • Select Luniverse Blockchain to receive IDRTL.

WARNING: Selecting a different blockchain from the one sender used will result in the IDRT being sent being permanently lost.

Step 3 – Enter Your Wallet Address Destination and MEMO (If Using Binance Chain)

Enter the recipient’s wallet address in the field provided on the form.


When you send IDRT on Binance Chain (IDRTB, BEP-2) please ensure that the recipient’s wallet requires you (the sender) to enter the MEMO when sending.

Step 4 – Enter the Amount To Be Sent

Enter the amount of IDRT you want to send.

Please review once more before you confirm to send IDRT.

We will notify you after the transaction is successful.


Extra Benefit:

Gas Fees as Rupiah

Every transaction on the blockchain requires a “gas” fee, like ETH on Ethereum. In this case, Pintu will pay every gas fee and charge you in Rupiah.

Free of Charge Between Pintu Users

Free of charge and instant transaction between Pintu users!

Sending IDRT to a wallet address other than Pintu will require time and fee according to the respective blockchain confirmation.

Transfer IDRT out from Pintu fee :
IDRT (ERC20) : 2000 IDRT