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Pintu OTC – Referral Program

Latest Update : July 13, 2022

Getting Started:

  1.  Share Pintu’s OTC contact with friends, families, and colleagues (can be individual and/or corporate).
  2.  Referees initiate onboarding process with Pintu.
  3.  Satisfy the T&C of the program.
  4.  Get your rewards!


  1. John refers Mary to trade and Mary traded 1 Mil USD in transaction volume.
  2. John traded 100k USD in transaction volume.
  3. John gets $387.5 as rewards!


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Trading volume is based on the referee’s volume; however, the referrer should trade a min. of 100K to be eligible for the reward. 
  2. There is a max limit of 1 Mil USD for stable coin trades that can be considered for trading volume.
  3. The program is valid for 3 months since the referee joined.
  4. Monthly settlement in IDRT or Pintu Token (when available).
  5. Program and Settlement is subject to Pintu’s policy and could change as necessary.