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How to deposit Rupiah in Pintu?

There are three ways to add your Rupiah balance on Pintu:

1. Deposit Rupiah via Bank Transfer

a). Click On the Deposit Button

Click the deposit button on the Rupiah card on the homepage or in the Rupiah wallet in the wallet menu.


b). Transfer Your Rupiah to BNI Virtual Account

Follow all the instruction on deposit page.

You can transfer Rupiah to all banks throughout Indonesia. A notification will be sent when the fund has been deposited to your balance.


  • Zero deposit charge (bank transfer cost not included).
  • Minimum amount of deposit is Rp 50.000.


2. Receive Rupiah Token (IDRT) From Blockchain as Rupiah

Every Rupiah Token (IDRT) stablecoin that you receive will be converted 1:1 to Rupiah and will automatically be added to your Rupiah balance in Pintu.


3. Sell Your Crypto Assets Easily 

Sell your crypto assets (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and etc) instantly to Rupiah.