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How to Deposit

Customer whose bank account is different than the selected destination bank virtual account

  1. Choose Transfer antar bank menu or Transfer online antarbank.
  2. Input the bank code according to the Virtual Account you chose (i.e. BNI: 009, BRI:002, dan Mandiri: 008)  or choose the bank (i.e. BNI) as a destination bank.
  3. Input the Virtual Account number above as the destination account.
  4. If the name of the account owner is asked as an additional information on the destination account, fill in the name listed in the Account Name section above.
  5. Input the amount of Rupiah you want to deposit.
  6. Follow further instructions.

Customer whose bank account is the same as the selected destination bank virtual account


  • The money will automatically be added to your balance after it’s successfully transferred to your Virtual Account.
  • If the bank has stated that your transfer was successful, but the money hasn’t been added to your Rupiah balance (in accordance with the terms of each transfer method: 2-3 working hours for SKN, and 1 working hour for RTGS), please contact our Customer Support and attach the proof of transfer.
  • For better experience, always update your Pintu app to the latest version.