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How to Deposit

Customer whose bank account is different than the selected destination bank virtual account

  1. Choose Transfer antar bank menu or Transfer online antarbank
  2. Input the bank code as per your selected bank virtual account (i.e. BNI: 009, BRI:002, dan Mandiri: 008)  or choose the bank (i.e. BNI) as a bank destination
  3. Input the Virtual Account number which placed in the top of page as the destination account
  4. If the account holder name being asked as an additional identifier of destination bank account, fill with Account Name which placed under VA number
  5. Input the amount of Rupiah which you want to be deposited
  6. Follow the further instruction

Customer whose bank account is the same as the selected destination bank virtual account

Note :

Your balance will be automatically increased after your transferred money is received in your virtual account at Pintu.

if your transfer transaction status is success at your bank and your balance has not increased exceeds average processing time based on your chosen transfer method (2-3 working hours for SKN and one working hour for RTGS), please reach our CS and attach the proof of transfer and your registered email at Pintu.

For better experience, please update to latest version of Pintu Application