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Buy or sell crypto assets

Follow these 3 easy steps to buy/sell crypto in Pintu:

Step 1 – Select the Crypto Asset

Select the crypto asset that you want to buy/sell in the list of crypto assets on the home page.

You can also access the crypto buy/sell feature on the wallet card or on the crypto wallet page.


Step 2 – Click Buy or Sell Button


Step 3 – Enter the Amount of Crypto/Rupiah

Enter the amount of Rupiah or Crypto you want to buy/sell. You can easily switch input between Rupiah and Crypto

Review once more before you confirm to sell/buy the crypto assets.


We will notify you after the transaction is successful.


  • The final price used is the price which shown at checkout page
  • The price will be adjusted based on the amount traded
  • As an aggregator, Pintu give the best price from the market who collaborate with Pintu, so Pintu has not set the price spread