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How to Deposit

BRI Customer

  1. Insert your ATM card and input your PIN.
  2. Select Other Transaction.
  3. Select Other.
  4. Select Payment menu.
  5. Select BRIVA menu.
  6. Input your BRI Virtual Account number (Example: 26215-xxxxxxxxxxxx), then press Yes.
  7. On the payment confirmation screen, re-check all the details and press Yes to confirm your payment.
  1. Log into BRI Mobile Banking.
  2. Select Payment menu.
  3. Select BRIVA menu.
  4. Input your BRI Virtual Account number and the billed amount.
  5. Input your PIN Number.
  6. Press OK to confirm your transaction.
  7. When the transaction is successful, a confirmation SMS will be sent to your device.

Non-BRI Bank Customers

  1. Insert your ATM card and input your PIN.
  2. Select Others.
  3. Select Transfer.
  4. Select transfer from savings account.
  5. Select transfer to other bank.
  6. Input the bank code followed by your Virtual Account number (BRI 002+[Virtual Account Number]).
  7. Input the billed amount.
  8. Transaction is complete.
  1. Input User ID and password.
  2. Select Transfer.
  3. Select Transfer to Other Bank.
  4. Select destination bank.
  5. Input the Virtual Account number (BRI [Virtual Account number]).
  6. Input the transfer amount.
  7. Transaction is complete.


  • The money will automatically be added to your balance after it’s successfully transferred to your BRI Virtual Account.
  • If the bank has stated that your transfer was successful, but the money hasn’t been added to your Rupiah balance (in accordance with the terms of each transfer method: 2-3 working hours for SKN, and 1 working hour for RTGS), please contact our Customer Support and attach the proof of transfer.